Transnational Project Meeting Info Pack

29.11 – 30.11.2022
Location: Udine, Italy

How to reach Udine

From the Venezia Marco Polo Airport
– Take the bus from the airport to the train s
– station Venezia-Mestre
– Take the train from Venezia-Mestre to Udine

From the Treviso Canova Airport
– Take the bus from the airport to the train station Treviso
– Take the train from Treviso to Udine

From the Udine train station to the Hotel Due Palme (Viale Leonardo Da Vinci, 5)
– Take the bus n. 5 that stops in front of the hotel


The meeting place is a room in the Hotel Due Palme

The meeting will start on November 29 at 10:00.

Ecoistituto will offer the dinner on November 29.

Transnational Project Meeting 3. Agenda

29.11 – 30.11.2022
Location: Udine, Italy

28th November 2022                           

Arrival of the partners

29th November2022                            

          Day 1

This transnational partner meeting. It is organized by Ecoistituto and takes place in Italy (at the Hotel Due Palme).

The duration is 1 day with 2 participants from each partner. This meeting aims to verify the project’s progress. Partners analyze the advancement of the project. Partners, discuss how to implement and improve IO2 and IO3.

A questionnaire is submitted to participants to assess: the meeting organization, its usefulness, the clarity of presentations, and the quality of materials.

Time Activity Partner
09.00 -09.30 Reception of participants.

Review of the agenda

Yenişehir MEM&Ecoistituto
09:30-10:00 Revision and harmonization of the work plan between the Partnership All partners
10.15-10:30 Presentation of what have been done in CreArt Project YIMEM
10:30- 10:45 Coffee break

Presentation and discussion of the achieved results.

Presentation of IO1 “ CreArt Pilot Training Courses” (Each partner)



All partners

13:00 -14:00 Lunch

·         Monitoring plan

·         Dissemination Activities

All partners
14:30-15:30 Presentation of IO2 “ Laboratory Activities”

Presentation of IO3 “”Educational Multimedia Book”

15:30- 15:45 Coffee break
16.00-18.00 ADMIN CORNER

·         Supporting documents

·         Questionnaire submission

·         Conclusions of the day

·         Distribution of the certificates of attendance

·         Certificates

All partners