Sarıçam Adult Education Center is a public institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, Directorate General for Lifelong Learning. SHEM which provides training services throughout the year, including weekends and evenings, carries out tasks in line with the principles and objectives of non-formal education. SHEM is in charge of the implementation and planning of services for adult education in the field of of education, training, guidance, information access, counseling, empowerment, culture, arts and sports since 2010.
SHEM coordinates non-formal educational activities organized by other public and private institutions along with voluntary organizations. It has basic duties such as conducting training activities and supporting and supervising the training activities. SHEM carries out activities aimed at ensuring the adaptation of the adults who are out of the formal education to the technological, social and cultural conditions that develop day by day .
SHEM is in charge of following duties :
– Course and extracurricular activities
– Document, equivalence and recognition of prior learning
– Vocational training activities in enterprises
– Research, development and archiving processes
– National and international promotion activities
– Design, production and marketing activities
– Professional and technical training activities in the training of qualified workforce
– All kinds of competitions, fairs, exhibitions, symposiums, panels, projects, cooperation documents,
artistic, social, cultural and similar activities, organization, participation, representation and
publication activities
– Open education schools education services
– Distance learning activities