Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this Learning Unit, trainees will be able to:

  • Identify the concept of creativity, as well as the types, techniques and applications, in order to provide theoretical and practical elements to develop creativity
  • Recognize the characteristics of this concept
  • Acquire techniques for the development of creative thinking skills
  • Distinguish different types of digital art
  • Apply the pedagogical use of the different types of digital art
  • Learn about the importance of digitalization in social environments


Arts education is an area of pedagogical intervention that must be considered as a general area of popular education. It is important to maintain this precision and identification for arts education because its defence and foundation contribute to the formation among education professionals of criteria for the arts as an educational value and as a field of pedagogical knowledge. This knowledge guarantees not only the possibility to carry out the intervention considering the conditions of formal, non-formal and informal processes, but also the possibility to create pedagogical facts and decisions and exercise the pedagogical function in a technoaxiological and mesoaxiological sense because we must build the arts as a field of education.