Educational Multimedia Book


This IO consists of the realization of an educational multimedia book “Creativity and the Arts in Digital Social Innovation”.

This publication will be of two parties:

  1. Theoretical part

– What is Digital Social Innovation?

– The value of creativity and the arts in education.

– Creativity and the arts and the future of work.

  1. Practical part

– Teaching creativity and arts to social inclusion.

– Promoting social and educational inclusion through the arts

– How can creativity and the arts be used effectively in education?

– Tips for social educators and teaching staff.

– Examples

The educational multimedia book will be written in English. Partners can translate in their country languages part of the book (e.g., the practical part).

The book will be open access and published online (e-book) using the grant for “Project management and implementation”.

Partners will choose an editor who will ensure the dissemination of the monograph.

The editor will ensure the peer review of the monograph by experts.