Training pack for creativity and the arts to social inclusion

Creativity and the arts can contribute to enhance solutions in several strategic sectors, such as healthcare, education, public participation, and the environment, in a period of transformation of our society.
This IO consists of an educational pack that includes the following deliverables:
– a training module for the acquisition of competence and skills in using creativity and arts in DSI;
– a multimedia guide focusing on how creativity and the arts can help social inclusion;
– a curricular framework for DSI education.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. Nowadays, the growth of smart working and the spread of remote teaching-learning are bringing to a prevalence of online interaction.
The need analysis carried out by partners shows an increasing demand for supporting people with special needs overcoming the issues and barriers due to the social distancing rules.
In this new context, new innovative ideas are required to enhance social inclusion. Creativity and the arts are important factors in developing innovative ideas whilst DSI addresses emerging social issues and challenges by taking advantage of digital technology.
CreArt online platform will provide users with collaborative tools such as forum, links, wiki, etc.and a repository of best practices.

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