Ecoistituto is a non-profit research institution created in 1989. Ecoistituto’s activity focuses on sustainable development following a multidisciplinary approach finalized to promote effective and sustainable results and to enhance the livability of citizens.
Ecoistituto collaborates with higher education institutions, schools, and governmental institutions organizing conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops on sustainable development, social business, environmental education, and healthy behavior.
For the last 19 years, an annual international conference has been organized in collaboration with IPSAPA (Interregional Society for Participation in Agribusiness Landscape and Environmental Management) and the University of Udine about the themes of the “landscape mosaic”.
Since 2005, Ecoistituto created the series of publications “Living in places”, devoted to the local cultures and 15 issues have been published. In the past, Ecoistituto participated in the organization of the Rezekne Academy of Technology Conference SOCIETY, INTEGRATION, EDUCATION (May 2013).
Members of Ecoistituto are University professors (especially from Udine University), professionals, experts and researchers engaged in different scopes: ICT and social media, education, economy, agribusiness, ecology, sociology, psychology, social anthropology, architecture, geography.
In particular, Ecoistituto is involved in local projects for young people and older persons. Recently (2017), Ecoistituto realized the e-books
– “Introduction to social innovation”, Mimesis International
– “The evil side of the Web”, Mimesis International