Learning Objectives

On completion of this Learning Unit, trainees will be able to:

  • Define creativity and key elements of creative teaching
  • Classify the conceptual framework for creative teaching
  • Comprehend on creative teaching instructional cycle
  • Develop a comprehensive model for measuring creativity
  • Define “What is Creativity in Education”?
  • Recognize and Implementing Creative Teaching Approaches
  • Explain Art Integration in Schools
  • Differentiate types of art education
  • Develop ways to integrate art into the classroom
  • Organize arts integration checklist
  • Explain digital art education and its importance
  • Classify new digital art forms


The concept of “creativity” as a desirable attribute within education is long-standing. The fields of education and creativity have developed, and periodically intersected with, government reports, policies, commentaries, and advice. The world of education is now committed to creativity which is central to policy and curriculum documents in education systems.