CreArt Second Project Meeting,Constanta/Romania

The coordinator Yenişehir District Mem, Karataş Hem, Sarıçam Hem, Megider, DomSpain, Ecoistituto participated in this meeting hosted by Romania T4E.Meeting goals: check of results of activities related to the exchange of experiences on creativity in teaching-learning processes. 4TE will organize a seminar educational neuroscience and creativity involving educators and stakeholders.

The project partners discussed a series of topics related to the development of the project, including the evaluation of the project’s progress since the Kick-off Meeting, disscussing the latest developments on Intellectual Outputs in depth.

One of the agenda items for discussion was the IO1 piloting and IO2 laboratories activities.It was also discussed the current status of all partners in developing and piloting the courses, with partners agreeing on the timeframe and best ways and practices to run pilot training courses.

The participants discussed the modalities and proposals for the short-term training event on ‘Using Pattern Learning And Self-Learning Methodologies’ intensely and actively.The partners also planned the future tasks and activities.

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