Creart Project LTTA in Reus SPAIN

This short training event was taken and organized by DomSpain.

It will provide participants with theoretical notions and exercises in creative and innovative thinking. It is based on theoretical learning modules and presentations of examples of good

practice as well as discussions and experience comparison.

Participants are social educators and teaching staff.

Concepts related to creativity in the various educational contexts are presented and discussed with participants. The event is organized in three training days.

  • Day 1. Creativity and the arts in education; Persistent creativity;
  • Day 2. Innovation and creativity in Social Business;
  • Day 3. Innovation in education.

Generally speaking, the organizer will receive participants on Monday evening and give them all the training materials, e.g., the training event starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday.

This training event will also provide participants with methodological, technological, and digital tools, which allow them to develop the project objectives.

The expected training results are:

– Participants will acquire knowledge and understanding of creative thinking;

– Participants acquire an understanding of creative practiced useful in education.

The added value of this learning activity is sharing knowledge among participants and reinforce their understanding of the project’s topics.

Participants are selected on the basis of their request for participation, their curriculum, and their answers in a face to face interview.

The selection principles are:

– basic digital competence;

– motivation;

– gender equality.


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