TEAM4Excellence (T4E) is an NGO founded in 2017 at Constanta, SE Romania. T4E involves 15+ young people & adults, including managers, technicians, admin staff, teachers, youth workers, trainers & researchers.
We improve the socio-economic conditions & the quality of life through education, research & consulting to address societal challenges. We produce & transfer innovation, experience
& know-how through cooperation with domestic & international social, academic & business partners. We value professionalism, serving our community & collaborative partnerships.
We adhere to the principles of UN Global Compact, ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, UN Sustainable Development Goals & EU Youth Goals.
– EU Projects: developing people & organisations with Erasmus+&ESC
– Business: training, assessment, consulting using EFQM Model & Business Model Canvas
We accelerate interactions between academia, government institutions, industry & civil society (quadruple helix) to create learning opportunities (for volunteers & young, adult people), teaching opportunities (for youth workers & trainers) & development opportunities for organisations (NGOs, universities, SMEs, adult education institutions, public authorities).
We have international ESC volunteers who engage local volunteers from our community, which we select & train for free in Erasmus+ youth exchanges & training. In time, these local volunteers become trainers, youth workers & researchers. With a strong base at the bottom of the pyramid, our core team is able to focus on strategic partnerships by involving local experts & associate partners. We produce intellectual output & good practices, which are shared by local & international volunteers & used by our trainers, experts, youth workers & associate partners.
We praise mobility, voluntarism, diversity, equality, tolerance, involvement, participation, engagement & empowerment and helping people to gain additional knowledge, attitudes,
transversal competences & skills.
1) Providing learning opportunities & career advice to improve social inclusion, development & employability of people
2) Equipping trainers&teachers with key competences & skills to foster personal & professional development of young people, adults & professionals
3) Fostering local & international collaboration between people, support organisations, public authorities & private firms
4) Promoting the recognition of youth work, lifelong learning & non-formal education.
EDUCATION & TRAINING. We develop & adapt instructional design models, course curricula & content, teaching methods, evaluation & recognition tools. Our portfolio includes 50+ personal & professional development training courses. We host events, trainings, conferences, panels, seminars, workshops, discussions, offering internships, designing individual career plans.
RESEARCH. T4E carried out secondary & primary researches using online questionnaires & interviews (for business, education, adults & youth needs) and published the results in academic articles and newsletters. We actively participate in advancing the management discipline, by participating in developing the EFQM Model.