OUTPUT1  – Training pack for creativity and the arts to social inclusion


Creativity and the arts can contribute to enhance solutions in several strategic sectors, such as healthcare, education, public participation, and the environment, in a period of

transformation of our society.

This IO consists of an educational pack that includes the following deliverables:

– a training module for the acquisition of competence and skills in using creativity and arts in DSI;

– a multimedia guide focusing on how creativity and the arts can help social inclusion;

– a curricular framework for DSI education.

Output Title O2- Laboratory Activities

This IO concerns laboratory activities with social educators and teaching staff. They will apply the knowledge acquired by attending the training module. They will work together to design and develop social innovative solutions using digital technologies. They will leverage creativity and the arts to develop new ideas for the social inclusion of disadvantaged people. The social educators and teaching staff who participated in the IO1 training activity must apply the knowledge acquired through laboratory activities in which they use the creativity and the arts to design innovative digitally-based solutions for social inclusion

Output Title O3 – Educational Multimedia Book

This IO consists of the realization of an educational multimedia book “Creativity and the Arts in Digital Social Innovation”.

This publication will be of two parties:

1. Theoretical part

– What is Digital Social Innovation?

– The value of creativity and the arts in education.

– Creativity and the arts and the future of work.

2. Practical part

– Teaching creativity and arts to social inclusion.

– Promoting social and educational inclusion through the arts

– How can creativity and the arts be used effectively in education?

– Tips for social educators and teaching staff.

– Examples