The Transnational Project Meetings are :

1.Kick-off Meeting, Turkey, Month 1, 2 persons, 2 days.This meeting is organized by YIMEM.Meeting goals:Project Detailed Plan approval;Project Risk Management Plan approval,Quality Plan approval,and Dissemination and Communication Plan approval.Project Methodology approval; Sustainability&Explotation Plan aproval ; partners indicate the persons involved in the project.

Before the kick-off meeting,all partners will prepare a list of their activities.They will prepare a presentation on their experience in creativity and the arts,and in DSI;YIMEM will prepare the structure of this presentation.All partners will collaborate to create a shared electronic contact/stakeholder list. Ecoistituto will prepare and present the preliminary structure of the educational multimedia tool.

Partners organize a round table focusing on the principles of Leonardo’s thought, the historical context in which they were formulated, and subsequent interpretations. The objective istwofold: to historically contextualize Leonardo’s ideas and analyze the reasons that make them present today (Frey & Osborne, 2017).

2.The Second Project Meeting, Romania, Month 10, 2 persons, 2 days. 4TE organizes this meeting. Meeting goals: check of results of activities related to the exchange of experiences on creativity in teaching-learning processes. 4TE will organize a seminar educational neuroscience and creativity involving educators and stakeholders.

3.The Third Project Meeting,Italy, Month 18, 2 persons,2 days.Ecoistituto organizes this meeting.Meeting goals: checking results related to the model and framework. Ecoistituto organizes a round table on innovation and creativity in business.

4.The final meeting(final conference),Turkey,Month 23,2 persons,2 days.KHEM organizes this meeting.Meeting goals: assessing the project results and refining the dissemination and exploitation activities. KHEM will prepare an event on creativity and arts for social inclusion.